GenerLink makes portable generator use safer and easier!


If you use a portable generator, we have an option for you.  A device can be installed behind your electric meter which allows you to conveniently connect your generator and safely meet National Electric Code by preventing dangerous back-feed on to Intercounty Electric's power lines.  This innovative device, known as a GenerLink transfer switch, makes connecting a generator to your home a very easy process. Plugging your generator into GenerLink gives you a safe and easy way to connect a generator to your home during those unexpected power outages.  

The GenerLink switches are available to our members through a reasonably priced monthly lease agreement with the cooperative.  A combined surge protection/generator switch is also available.  

Check here to find help choosing a compatible generator.  Find out more information about our GenerLink program here.

For more information stop by one of our offices or call our Member Services Department at 866-621-3679.


GenerLink Operating Manual                                                      GenerLink Information Brochure