Light Your Business For Less!!

High Efficiency Business Lighting Rebate Program

Intercounty Electric Cooperative is offering a Business Lighting Rebate to our commercial, industrial, educational and agricultural members through the Take Control & Save energy efficiency program.  Your business may be spending much more than needed to effectively light your facilities. Significant cost savings can be achieved with energy-efficiency improvements, and due to continually improving technology, lighting usually provides the highest return-on-investment of major upgrades.

Do you qualify?

Members in good standing with the Cooperative and with greater than 10 bulbs or fixtures at their installation site will qualify.  the rebate amount will be determined prior to installation and is limited to $30,000 per member, per year.

How do you participate?

A walk through of your facility must be conducted by Intercounty Electric Cooperative to audit the existing lighting inventory.

Work with the cooperative to fill out the lighting rebate application.

After installation, the cooperative will perform another walk through audit to verify the lighting installation.  The lighting specification sheets and the receipts will need to be submitted.

Rebate amounts will vary depending upon how much energy is saved when you replace the existing lighting.

For more information stop by one of our offices or call our Member Services Department at 866-621-3679.