• Our headquarters is located in Licking, MO and we have branch offices located both in Rolla and Mountain Grove. 

Office Hours:  Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. with the exception of major holidays.


Physical Address:

102 Maple Avenue                          1310 S Bishop                                 100 W 5th Street

Licking MO 65542                           Rolla MO 65401                               Mountain Grove MO 65711

573-674-2211                                  866-621-3679                                  866-621-3679



Each office has a night depository for after hour’s payments.


The drop box is located outside the office building on the west side parking lot at the Licking office.  Rolla office and Mtn. Grove office have a drop box in the drive thru

  • Our observed holidays are:

New Years Day, January 1st                                                                      

Presidents’ Day, 3rd Monday in February                                                   

Memorial Day, last Monday in May    

Annual Meeting Day, June 28th

Independence Day, July 4th

Labor Day, 1st Monday in September

Veterans Day, November 11th

Thanksgiving Day, 4th Thursday in November

Day After Thanksgiving Day, 4th Friday in November

Christmas Day, December 25





Intercounty Electric Cooperative, P.O. Box 209, Licking, MO 65542

  • To start service at an existing location we need the map location or pole numbers found on the meter pole.  The pole numbers will either be small silver numbers nailed directly on the pole or white stickers on the meter base.  It is helpful to have the physical address and the last member at this location.   If you are renting, you must bring a completed Landlord Rental Agreement which will have all of the above information. 
  • We will need to speak to the person(s) wanting to put service in their name and collect Social Security numbers, driver’s license and contact information. Service requests need to be made at least one business day in advance of the date you wish service to be connected.
  • Each active membership will require a $5 membership and a $35 service connection fee.  The deposit will be based on a member’s credit history with us, but the standard deposit for a new member is $150.  Members may also choose to go on Pre-Pay electric without a deposit.
  • For construction of a New Service Location, please contact our staking engineer at 866-621-3679.
  • For existing locations please call the office during business hours and provide the address. From there, we will check our database and mapping system.
  • For new locations with no address, please call the office during business hours and speak with our Staking Engineer to determine if we service that particular area. If the location has utility poles nearby, you can identify if it is Intercounty Electric’s pole or not by reading the pole tag that is placed on every pole in our service area.

Call the office to review rates or view the Rates page on our website.

  • Information regarding different renewable energy sources can be found on our website under Renewable Energy in the Products and Services tab. For more information please call the office and speak to our Member Services Department 866-621-3679.
  • Intercounty Electric Cooperative Association (IECA) a distribution cooperative owned by the members it serves. IECA energized its first electric line in April of 1940.  IECA is a not-for-profit; rural electric cooperative owned by its members, that provides energy services to residential, farm and commercial consumers in Dent, Phelps, Texas, Crawford, Gasconade, Laclede, Maries, Pulaski, Shannon and Wright counties.  As of 2018, IECA has more than 100 employees and serves more than 24,000 members over 30,000 meters in parts of 10 counties.




  • If you have limbs that are harmful to the power lines or are covering your meter, please call the office. The Co-op will send a tree trimming crew to access the tree and determine the safest way to trim the hazardous limbs.
  • For your safety, please do not try to trim these limbs yourself
  • Call 1-800-DIG-RITE or dial 811 which is the Missouri One Call System for locating underground lines. For more information on Missouri One Call visit their website at
  • No, unfortunately, we do not make contractor recommendations.
  • Yes, we offer several rebate programs for purchasing certain electric appliances. Check out all of the rebates we offer on our Rebates page or call the office at 866-621-3679 and speak to our Member Services Department.
  • Your Co-op Connections Card gives Members access to several local and national discounts as well as discounts on medical, dental and prescriptions. Visit to check out all the deals offered to you.


  • There is no charge to make a payment over the phone.
  • To make a payment by phone call our secure 24-hour payment system at 888-678-1987
  • Yes, you can pay your bill online. To access your online account, visit our website and select Account Access. From there, a login will appear and you will select NEW USER. This will allow you to create an account with a few pieces of personal information.
  • If you are unable to create an account, please call the office during business hours at 573-674-2211 or 866-621-3679.
  • We also have a Smartphone app called SmartHub which allows you to schedule payments, report electric outages, and even track your energy usage!
  • The service availability charge is a flat fee designed to recover a portion of the cost of delivering electricity to all members.  This charge is reflective of the investment in poles, wires, transformers and equipment that it takes to provide you with electric service.  It also supports fleet, facility and customer service functions, such as line maintenance, right-of-way clearing and general administrative responsibilities.

Bills for electric service are received around the first day of each month and are due upon receipt.  The bill shows the net amount due if paid by the 15th.  The amount shown payable after the 15th includes a 10% late charge.  The bill is considered delinquent after the 15th and is reflected in the credit history of your account, unless other arrangements are made through the Member Accounts Department.

If not paid by the 15th, a Subject to Disconnection Notice will be sent with bill details and disconnect information.


Bills for electric service are received around the eighth of each month and are due upon receipt.  The bill shows the net amount due if paid by the 22nd.  The amount shown payable after the 22nd includes a 10% late charge.  The bill is considered delinquent after the 22nd and is reflected in the credit history of your account, unless other arrangements are made through the Member Accounts Department.

If not paid by the 22nd, a Subject to Disconnections Notice will be sent with bill details and disconnect information.

Each of our office locations accepts payments in the form of cash, check, MasterCard or Visa.  You may also pay via our website, our toll free secure pay number 1-888-678-1987, or by downloading our app, SmartHub, from the play store for your mobile device.

  • No, all bills are due based on cycle billing dates.
  • The amount due will be located on your bill inside the Total Amount Due box on the stub at the bottom.  You can also check your balance due through your online account access, SmartHub app or by simply calling the Member Accounts Department.
  • For a hassle-free, no fee method of payment, sign up for recurring credit card payments or bank draft.  You authorize IECA to withdraw funds from the account of your choosing to pay your monthly electric bill.  Once enrolled your balance due will be automatically debited on or around the 10th of the month for Cycle 1 and on or around the 17th of the month for Cycle 2.  You can sign-up through our on-line account management system, SmartHub app, or call the office at 866-621-3679.  Accepted payments are credit card (MasterCard or Visa), debit card (with MasterCard or Visa logos), or a checking or savings bank account. 
  • Yes, Intercouty Electric offers Levelized Billing to those members who qualify.  If you have lived in the same location for at least 12 months and pay your bill on time, we will calculate your 12-month energy average amount and send a Levelized Budget Billing Authorization form to be signed.
  • Each year your Budget amount will adjust up or down depending on your electric usage and your true balance in the last 12 months. Simply call the office to learn more and see if you qualify.
  • Yes, you can connect several meters under your name. You will receive a separate bill for each meter that you have with a daily service  availability charge per meter.
  • The same connection process is used for each meter you have: a $5 membership fee, $35 connection fee and it will be determined if a security deposit is required.
  • Members may request a payment arrangement if more time is needed to pay prior to the disconnect date, a payment agreement will need to be signed and part of the payment may also be needed. Members are only eligible for payment arrangements once in a six month period.  If default occurs on any payment arrangement, the normal collection process will be reinstated.  At such time, additional fees and deposits may be billed and service may be disrupted.
  • Yes, call the office and the billing department can set you up to receive e-bills.
  • To add a name to an existing account, call the office during business hours at 866-621-3679. Everyone whose name is on the bill is responsible for the bill and is a Member-Owner.  We will need their Social Security number, Drivers’ License number and determine if a security deposit is required.  Please be advised that once a person is added to the electric account, the new person on the account will be entitled to receive all capital credits earned under that customer number.  If they need to remain separate, you may want to consider establishing a new joint membership.
  • Yes, if you just want someone on your accounts such as a relative or spouse to receive billing information but not add them to the account, they can be set up as an Authorized User.
  • An Authorized User is not a Member and their name will not appear on the bill. However, if that individual calls in to make payments, report outages or get billing information the office will know.
  • To make any name changes to your account, please call the office during business hours at 866-621-3679. To remove a name from your account, we will need to disconnect the existing account out of the current Members’ names and create a new account without that person’s name.
  • If an account is in more than one name, everyone on that account in a Member-Owner and a recipient of capital credits.
  • Capital credits will begin accruing under the new account in the new Member-Owner(s) name.

You may add as little as $2.00 at any bill payment office or $5.00 from your smartphone, pay-by-phone or online option. 

Once power is disconnected, you have up to 14 consecutive days to put money on your account to avoid inactivating the account.  Service availability charges will continue to accrue while the account is off until it is inactivated.  Reconnection after the 14 consecutive day period will result in a new account number and reconnection fee being charged.

No, paper bills are not generated for members with prepay power as their balances fluctuate daily.  You can monitor your balance online through SmartHub or by calling our office during business hours.

Yes, but you must go through at least one billing cycle as a prepay account before this can occur.  The wait is typically 30 days.  All accounts at IECA must be current and a deposit may be required before switching back.


To report an electric outage you may call 24/7, 365 days a year to our 24-hour outage and payment number 866-621-3679 or report an electric outage online or through your SmartHub app.

  • Please check all your breakers before calling in an outage.  If a crew is dispatched to your location and the power outage is not caused by our equipment, there are charges involved.
  • Check, if possible, to see if your neighbors have power.
  • Always report a power outage as it can help our crews pinpoint the issue and restore power quickly and safely. 
  • Call the office at 866-621-3679.  A member accounts representative can prepare a service order explaining the issue with the security light so it can be repaired.


  • Because Intercounty is a cooperative, owned by its members, it does not technically earn profits.  Instead, any revenues over and above the cost of doing business are considered margins or patronage capital.

These margins are used as operating capital by the cooperative.  This capital allows Intercounty to finance operations and to a certain extent, construction and improvements, with the intent that this capital will be repaid in later years.

  • Members receive Capital Credit allocations.

Allocated Capital Credits appear as an entry on the permanent financial records of the Cooperative and reflect a members’ equity, or ownership, in IECA.  When Capital Credit checks are retired, a check is issued and the member’s equity in the cooperative is reduced

  • IECA mails an allocation notice to the members annually (approximately May) after the finances for the previous year have been audited.
  • The amount of a Member’s Capital Credits refund depends on the length of time they have been served by the Cooperative and the amount of energy the Member has purchased.
  • Capital Credits will be refunded at the discretion of the Board of Directors after the financial health of the cooperative is analyzed.  Checks have been issued to members currently retiring years through 2000.  The Board of Directors reviews this annually.
  • No, since your Capital Credits are generated from your investment in the cooperative they may not be used to pay electric bills or other bills owed the cooperative.  When Capital Credit retirement checks are issued, the money can be used as you want.
  • Capital Credit allocations remain on the books in a member’s name and membership number until they are retired.  Until the financial condition of the co-op allows for the return of capital credits, members should ensure that IECA always has their current mailing address.  If you need to submit a current address, please call us at 866-621-3679.
  • If you deducted electricity costs from IECA as a business expense on your taxes, the capital generated from those expenditures could be taxable income when received.  Consult your tax professional for more details.