Report an Outage

In the case of a large outage situation and/or severe weather, Intercounty Electric will update members with the best available information.  Check this page for updates or check out Facebook page.  Because our Facebook page is not tied directly to our outage reporting system and is not monitored 24/7, please report all outages through SmartHub or call 1-866-621-3679 option 1.


Before You Report an Outage

Sometimes a power outage in your home is not a co-op power outage, but instead an issue on your side of the meter. 

  1. Verify that your entire house is out. You may have just blown a fuse or tripped a breaker. 
  2. Check your meter and your main disconnect, which is located near your meter. Take a look at your meter to help determine if the outage is IECA’s problem or a problem within your home. A meter with a digital display will have a blank screen which indicates that the problem is on the co-op’s side. When you see something displayed on the screen, this means that power is getting to the meter and it is not a co-op outage; it is an outage within your home.
  3. If you believe the problem is on the co-op side, call the Cooperative to report the outage at 1-866-621-3679 option 1 or log on to SmartHub to report the outage online. Please do not email us or send us any outage reports via social media, as these channels are not monitored 24/7.