Becoming a New Member

Requests for service need to be made one business day in advance of the date you want your service connected.  Transfer of service to a new location is handled in a similar manner. 

  • Bring a picture I.D. and the set of pole numbers (map location number) where you want service turned on at to one of the local Intercounty offices.
  • If renting, bring a signed Landlord Lease Agreement Form to the office as well.
  • Sign a membership application.
  • Pay any fees due to establish membership.
  • A deposit is required unless you already have a positive payment history record with IECA or can provide a recent letter of credit from a previous electric utility.
  • A membership fee is required and is refundable upon cancellation of membership with the Cooperative.
  • There is also a nonrefundable service charge to defray the expense of a service connection.

Requests for service requiring construction of new electrical lines need to be made to our engineering department well in advance of the date to allow for unforeseen setbacks.   Please contact one our engineers if you have any questions.

Staking Engineers



North and East Licking, Salem, Montauk area and surrounding towns

David Walker

866-621-3679 ext. 1232

Rolla, St. James area and surrounding towns

Garth McCracken

866-621-3679 ext. 2214

South Licking, Houston, Summersville, Raymondville area and surrounding towns

Josh Rodgers

866-621-3679 ext. 1225

Cabool, Roby, Plato, Success, Mtn. Grove area and surrounding towns

Jake Fry

866-621-3679 ext. 1263


Disconnecting Service

The current member is responsible for all kilowatt hours used to the date IECA is notified of a change in ownership or tenancy.  When moving, you should notify our office of the final day and leave a forwarding address.  We urge you not to rely on the person moving in to notify us as they may fail to do so.

Your membership and deposit will be applied to the final bill unless you are transferring to a new location, then they will be transferred to your new account.