Intercounty Electric offers a variety of rebates to help you choose energy efficient appliances and home comfort systems.


Intercounty Electric Cooperative offers rebates for the following appliances and equipment.  This program will be in effect until modified or terminated. Rebates will be paid to those persons whose equipment meets the following qualifications and who make application for the rebate within 60 days after the installation. Only Members of Intercounty Electric Cooperative are eligible for the rebate.  All rebated appliances must be installed in permanent facilities served directly by Intercounty Electric. Installations are subject to inspection by a representative of the Cooperative. Also, rebates are limited to services that use more than 6,000 kilowatt-hours annually (generally excludes hunting or weekend cabins that have limited use). If you have any questions please contact our Member Services Department at 866-621-3679.

Application for rebates must be completed and signed before the rebate monies will be issued.

$50 rebate available for Members who replace an existing electric water heater, or convert from a gas to an electric water heater, 40 gallons or larger, that has an efficiency rating less than 0.92 (new water heater must have an efficiency of 0.92 or greater) or install an electric water heater that has an efficiency rating of 0.92 or greater in a new home/building.  Each water heater must have its own electric power source and must not be coupled to any other water heater.

Water Heater Rebate Application

This rebate is available only to Cooperative Members who install a Heat pump water heater.  Rebate is up to $500 not to exceed 50 percent of the total cost.  The energy efficiency rating must meet the U.S. Department of Energy standards.  For new construction, the replacement of an en existing electric water heater that is less than 0.90 efficiency or replacement of a gas water heater.  Limit two (2) per member address.

Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate Application

Air conditioning unit must be energy star rated.  $50 rebate will apply for the purchase of one new unit or the replacement of an existing unit.  Limit 1 per meter.

Room Air Conditioner Rebate Application

ENERGY STAR® Plus 2 rated at 17.2 SEER2 rating

$150/ton with a 10 ton maximum on residential and 50 ton maximum on business

• New home or building construction
• Replacement of existing electric resistance heat/ central air conditioning/air source heat pump
• Supplemental heat must be controlled by an automatic thermostat

Dual Fuel Rebate Application

Mini-Split Rebate Application

Air Source Heat Pump Application

The unit must meet federal guidelines for energy efficiency. Specific installation guidelines apply to receive the rebate. Installation must be sized to the heating load of the structure.  Rebate schedule is $750.00 per ton with a 10 ton maximum for residential and is not brand specific.  For commercial and industrial service the rebate schedule is $400.00 per ton.

Replacement of a GSHP with a second GSHP will qualify for a $150 per ton rebate. The GSHP must have a minimum EER of 19.1.  

Geothermal Rebate Application

This rebate is available only to Cooperative Members who install a ground-source heat pump (GSHP) in either a new residence or retrofit an existing one. The rebate value equals 50 percent of the cost for insulation measures up to $1000 for a maximum of $500. Installation of the insulation must comply with current ENERGY STAR® R-Value recommendations for basement/crawlspaces/slab on grade.

Basement/Crawlspace/Slab Insulation Rebate Application

Upscaling attic insulation on an existing building of 950 sq. ft. or more to a R36 rating or higher (IECA energy audit required).  Rebate is 20% of ticket balance (maximum of $250).  No application is required, please submit a copy of your receipt.

This rebate is available only to Cooperative Members who install Energy star certified smart thermostat, limit 2 per member address.  Rebate is $50 per unit not to exceed 50% of the cost.  Please submit a copy of your receipt along with the application below.

Smart Thermostat Rebate Application

Available to Commercial & Industrial members who install variable frequency drive motors for new construction or existing HVAC pumps and fans.  Rebate is $50/Brake HP not to exceed 50% of equipment cost. VFD's are tied to an automated control system and have a True Power Factor of .90 or greater.  Not Eligible for replacement of an existing VFD's and old motor must be disposed.